POW! Samsung Developers

POW! Prasad Rayala, Samsung DeX

September 08, 2020 Season 1 Episode 12
POW! Samsung Developers
POW! Prasad Rayala, Samsung DeX
Show Notes

POW! Prasad Rayala, Product Manager for Samsung DeX
Season 1, Episode 12

In this episode of POW, I interview Prasad Rayala, Product Manager for DeX, the Samsung technology that allows users to extend their Galaxy mobile device into a desktop computing experience. Not only do we talk about the advantages for developers optimizing their apps for DeX, but how easy it is to get started.

Topics Covered
• What is DeX
• Devices that run DeX
• Compatible operating systems
• Optimizing apps for DeX
• DeX resources
• DeX sample code
• Security
• DeX features
• Getting started with DeX

More about Samsung DeX 
Samsung DeX is a new user experience that extends the functionality of your Android device to a PC-like environment. Connect your Galaxy to your monitor or TV to bring it to life on the big screen. An extension of Android N's Multi-Window mode, there are no proprietary Samsung APIs needed to launch apps in Samsung DeX. With just a USB cable, unlock your phone's possibilities on PC and Mac through Samsung DeX. And now with the Note20, you can connect wirelessly to your Smart TV using Miracast.

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Prasad Rayala, DeX Product Manager, Samsung
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