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Morgan Parker, Knox Partner Program

July 27, 2020 Samsung Developers
Samsung Developers Podcast
Morgan Parker, Knox Partner Program
Show Notes

Morgan Parker, Program Manager for the Samsung Knox Partner Program
Season 1, Episode 9

In this episode, I interview Morgan Parker, Program Manager for the Knox Partner Program, the team at Samsung that provides resources and support for strategic partners building on the Knox platform. Not only do we talk about the benefits of joining the Knox Partner Program, but also just how easy it is to get started.

Topics Covered
Samsung Knox
• Knox Partner Program
• Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program
• Samsung Knox SDK
• Samsung E-FOTA
• Knox Service Plug-in
• Knox Mobile Enrollment
• Support Forums 
• Knox Validated Program
• Solutions Catalog
• Mobile Device Management (MDM)
• Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)
• Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

More about the Knox Partner Program
Sign up for the Knox Partner Program and gain free and immediate access to exclusive Knox development tools. Strengthen your business software with powerful SDKs, REST API services, and resources that leverage exclusive features in Samsung devices. Access marketing resources to help enable the creation of high-quality marketing materials, as well as new marketing channels for qualified partners. 

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