Samsung Developers Podcast

Roger Kibbe, Samsung Bixby

May 18, 2020 Samsung Developers Season 1 Episode 4
Samsung Developers Podcast
Roger Kibbe, Samsung Bixby
Show Notes

Roger Kibbe, Samsung Bixby Developer Evangelist
Season 1, Episode 4

In this episode, I interview Roger Kibbe, Senior Developer Evangelist for Bixby, Samsung’s intelligent assistant technology. Roger is a tech geek when it comes to voice technology, even launching his own voice startup. Join us as we discuss Roger’s journey to Samsung and the great things around Bixby. Learn how to get started building capsules for Bixby, and the magic that drives Viv, the Bixby team at Samsung.

Topics Covered:
Intelligent Assistant Technology
• Multi-Modality
• Bixby Capsules
• Bixby Developer Studio
• Bixby Marketplace
• Bixby Developers Chat Podcast
• Adam Cheyer
• Viv Labs

More about Bixby
Samsung Bixby is a next-generation, AI platform that enables developers to build rich voice and conversational AI experiences for the Bixby Marketplace, and Bixby devices including phones, watches, televisions, smart appliances, and more.Check out the Bixby Developers website at to learn more about creating capsules using Samsung’s Bixby Developer Studio.

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