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Foldables: Google, Microsoft & Samsung

July 13, 2022 Season 3 Episode 7
Samsung Developers Podcast
Foldables: Google, Microsoft & Samsung
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Season 3, Episode 7: Foldables
Guy Merin, Microsoft
Ade Oshineye, Google
Soren Lambaek, Samsung 

On today’s show we have 3 guests on the podcast from leading companies in the foldable space.

·  Guy Merin, Senior Director of Engineering, Surface Duo Developer Experience, Microsoft
· Ade Oshineye, Senior Staff Developer Advocate, Google
· Soren Lambaek, Developer Relations Engineer, Samsung

Not only do we chat about foldable trends and developer resources, but how companies are working together to help developers create for this new and innovative technology

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Guy Merin, Microsoft
Ade Oshineye, Google
Soren Lambaek, Samsung

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Tony Morelan, Senior Developer Evangelist, Samsung